Super Mommy Seminars

Take back and transform your family life by attending a Super Mommy Seminar. We provide expert training to guide you through a variety of topics to include parenting, marriage/relationships, health/wellness, home management, family finances, personal development, business and so much more. Super Mommy Seminars are full of information, resources and practical family life solutions. These events are provided at low to no cost to attend. Check the events calendar for dates and additional information. 

Super Mommy Academy

A depth of knowledge and resources, authentic facilitation- an emphasis on practical application and customized implementation, Super Mommy Academy doesn’t offer your ordinary personal development and family life education workshops. Our workshops reveal new ways of thinking, challenge participants to find better family solutions, and assist with their personal growth.

Family Life Series

This 6 part series focuses on managing a healthy and thriving family life.


Mom Life Series

This 6 part series focus on balancing a fulfilling personal life with family life.