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Real life information and training, practical solutions, compassionate support and an emphasis on authentic connections.

Super Mommy Consulting is a coaching/consulting company helping moms master and manage their mom life so that they can make family work for everyone.  



Learn 3 simple strategies that will give you the focus and the energy to get the right stuff done (it's a free training and printable planner page).  


Super Mommy School

Super Mommy School is our online learning and development program allowing busy moms like you, access to courses and materials to learn the skills, strategies and techniques for success at home and in life.

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The Super Mommy Movement

No judgement. No comparison. No guilt. Only connections and solutions. The Super Mommy Movement is about moms finally being free to share what they feel, want and need from their families and out of life.   

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Super MommyTV

Super MommyTV is our weekly show helping moms master and manage mom life while making the most of your your everyday. It's a relaxed, honest and open conversation offering wisdom, resources and support.   

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Hi I'm Christina!

A wife, mom of four, parent and family consultant, mom coach, speaker, writer, and a honest, clear thinker committed to helping you live your best life. I created Super Mommy Consulting because I was tired of seeing moms struggling with home life alone and not knowing how to fix it.         


We clear the chaos and create clarity. We take the overwhelm and create balance. We find the challenges and create solutions.— Christina Amen

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