At Super Mommy Consulting, we believe that Motherhood + Family Life can be fulfilling. We believe in putting the health and well-being of families first and helping families grow strong instead of seeing them struggle and breakdown. The way we do this is by coaching our clients using evidence-based methods that highlight their strengths and gives them the tools needed to successfully Manage their lives and achieve their goals. Here, you’re not just a client, you’re family.

Different approaches to meet you and your family where you are



This approach is mostly succession training, focused on progress, community and accountability. We grow in part by learning from the experiences of others.


This approach is mostly focused with your present and seeks to guide you into a more fulfilling future. We focus on defining success and achieving goals.


This approach is mostly focused on identifying challenges and seeks to provide information (expertise, strategy, structures, methodologies) to solve them.


Founder & CEO

Christina Amen

Combine empathy, passion, authenticity, and a love for the family unit and you have a glimpse into who Christina amen is. As the founder and ceo of super mommy consulting, she uses her drive to support families in becoming the best they can be. She does this by valuing each family member and their unique strengths and individual goals as well as the collective goals of the family. Christina starts with the health and well-being of moms and works her way through each member of the family to create an integrated and cohesive family that is happy, healthy and thriving.