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On a Mission...

Hi There! I'm Christina Amen, an ambitious mommy of four, wife of one, with a full load just like you. I inhale personal development like it's oxygen, eat tiramisu like it's a food group and think that a spa day is a little slice of heaven on earth. More importantly, I love God with all of my heart, mind and strength and desire to live a life of bold faith and relentless love. I have big life goals and an even bigger vision to help families live purposeful, promising and productive lives that is both satisfying and successful. But it seems impossible on the surface, to manage it all and do it all with excellence, energy and ease. You know what I mean?  

When it comes to moms, there seems to be an ongoing conversation on what moms should expect of themselves in motherhood and life. The answer is simple: their  best effort while living whole and fulfilled

When I first created the concept for my business back in 2009, I wanted a brand that represented the mission and the reality I wanted for moms all over. I wanted to create a space for moms with big goals and even bigger visions to be empowered, supported and equipped with what they needed to accomplish what many deem impossible and unrealistic.

That's when I learned it's not about what I want for you but what God wants for you that really matters.

My son has loved superheros since he has been able to walk(he's 12 now), and I was instantly drawn to how they accomplish the impossible against all odds; despite their many flaws, and the criticism and doubts of everyone around them. They weren't perfect and yet their superpowers seemed to make up for their weaknesses. I wondered, as moms, what is our superpower? What empowers us to face down giant challenges and threatening villains that want to beat us down, wreck our homes and destroy our families? I found the answer after looking at my own life. It is the power of God working in me, making me better and stronger that enables me to do what I couldn't do on my own. So I set out to help the Super Mommy facing impossible odds, find her identity and unleash her superpowers to defeat her mom life challenges so that she can accomplish the impossible. That is when the Super Mommy brand was birthed. 


Our Mission

The Super Mommy Brand exists to educate, equip and empower moms with knowledge, skills and community so they can excel in motherhood and family life. We bridge the gap between the traditional and modern day mom to redefine motherhood and set a new standard of possibilities deeply rooted in faith. We are committed to creating a culture of excellence, authenticity, strength and empathy as we serve our clients. Super Mommy Consulting was founded with an ambitious mission: to challenge the status quo and set a new standard in motherhood, while leading the way for thriving and successful families who make a difference in the world.


Super Mommy-n-Me

This is where it all began. In 2009, I was busy running my very successful holistic in-home daycare center and needed a place to go to find events, resources and tools to help me better serve the families in my care. The sites I found were directories that weren't updated regularly and very limited in the information they provided. That's when I thought to my entrepreneurial self, what if I created a space where moms can go to get access to relevant and real time resources to help them do their best in motherhood. I would provide information on opportunities, programs, resources and events along with tools they could use to enhance their family life. Super Mommy-n-Me was launched in 2014. I learned quickly that maintaining a directory was serious work(no wonder all of the other directories were out of date) and it didn't quite accomplish what I intended. So, the idea evolved to include community events and a support focused mom group.


Super Mommy Consulting

As time went on, I realized more moms were coming to me for advice, solutions, encouragement, and guidance. I was constantly being asked the very infamous question, "how do you do it?" when it came to managing my many irons in the fire. As an ambitious mompreneur with four kids, homeschooling, homemaking, volunteering, serving in ministry and the most compassionate, service driven husband with a very demanding job, moms looked at me as if I was some kind of unicorn(trust me, I'm not). They wanted the secret to my sanity and success as a solution to their stress. That's when life coaching, parenting education and family life training through Super Mommy Consulting was added to the brand(2016) as a way to empower, educate and equip moms with strategies to accomplish the impossible and excel in life as a mom.   

The Super Mommy Standard

I'm not going to lie and pretend that every mom loves the idea of a Super Mommy. In fact, many moms think that it means a mom who has it all together, is perfect, does everything and for the most part doesn't really exist. After being harshly judged by moms who thought my life was filled with unrealistic expectations and pursuing perfection, simply because of my desire to live a life of excellence in everything that I do, including and especially in motherhood. That desire has become the Super Mommy Standard and is empowering moms to not settle for anything less than THEIR best. It's about EXCELLENCE, NOT PERFECTION and it's absolutely possible!

What is the Super Mommy Difference?

When it comes to motherhood, many moms feel pressure to measure up and fit in the mold of what a successful mom looks like. Super Mommy Consulting & Development helps moms find who they are again so they can live the life they desire as the moms they want to be. 

We know this pressure to keep up, pursue as close to perfection as possible and somehow reach unrealistic standards has led many moms down a path filled with frustration, feelings of guilt, inadequacy and overwhelm. That's why we set out to help moms define success on their own terms; and when you define success, you are confident enough to accomplish the impossible for an empowered and fulfilled life.