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The Milestone method

Small Steps. Sweet Success.


Are you seeing massive growth in your mom life? If the answer is no- all that’s about to change!

I was leading a personal development workshop with a group of moms and “massive growth” was the topic of the day. Massive growth can be described as massive positive change that propels us towards our goals. But massive growth takes time and doesn’t happen all at once.

The moms in the group that day all wanted to see big changes in their home, health, relationships and so many other areas of mom life but it seemed like no matter how hard they tried, they just weren’t seeing the change they desired. It was leaving them frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling stuck. Something was missing. There was a gap between where they were and the major changes they desperately desired.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks!

What we all need is little wins and consistent progress to build up our momentum and keep us motivated as we work towards massive growth and change in any area of our lives. I needed to create an easy to execute strategy that would empower moms to stay engaged in the growth process with small everyday wins that moved the needle forward while giving them a sense of accomplishment without the overwhelm. So I created the Super Mommy Membership program. It is the diy school for moms who want to better themselves while better managing their mom life. From organizing your home, budgeting and meal planning, to creating a self care practice and goal setting for personal success; this membership is focused on helping you take small steps towards the less stress more success mom life you desire!

The Super Mommy Membership is self-paced, self-study, on-demand learning. In addition to all of the learning you will have access to coaching and support calls, live! There you’ll be able to ask questions, share your wins, learn from other moms and gain clarity to help you as you transform your mom life.

So let me ask you a question, have you been struggling to manage and balance your family while being overwhelmed and unsure of what to do to change it? Are you tired of clutter and chaos draining you and taking up your space and time? Are you looking for solutions and strategies to help you organize your life and create space to connect with you again? Do you want to spend more time with your family and fully enjoy it without stress, anxiety and frustration? Then, this membership was created for you and you couldn’t have landed here at a better time.

For a limited time only, the super mommy membership is $29/month!

Each month you’ll receive…

  • Access to a topic focused course that includes resources, training, strategies, action guides and additional materials to help you transform an area of your mom life! ex. decluttering, meal planning, self-care, time management, etc.

  • 2 Live Coaching + Support Calls

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Email + Phone* Support for SOS MOMents

Our membership focuses on two main tracks:


Self Care & Personal Growth

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Family Management

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Are you ready to be a part of a community of moms committed to living a fulfilling and thriving mom life? Take the leap and join the Super Mommy Membership for only $29/month Today!

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