Managing mom life + Family life Should be fulfilling, not overwhelming.


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 Super Mommy /noun/

a mother who successfully manages a household and cares for her children while using her strengths to do meaningful work in her community; doing so without losing her identity or neglecting her well-being.

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Create a fulfilling mom life and a thriving family life!


Hi. I’m Christina.

I created Super Mommy Consulting to help equip moms to manage their families and create life balance so they can live fulfilled and achieve their goals. I’m a speaker, life coach, motherhood + family consultant, wife and a mom of 4. I fully believe that every mom is capable of successfully managing a thriving family and a fulfilling life.


I help moms manage, maximize and master motherhood and family life with Excellence, Energy and Ease.

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Happy Moms. Healthy Families.

Helping moms discover better methods for managing their active family life so they can live happy and fulfilled.


Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

Leveraging personal experiences and professional expertise to create real life strategies for family success.

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Listen Anywhere, Anytime.

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The Super Mommy Movement

We believe a Super Mommy is empowered, ambitious, courageous, vulnerable and successful at what matters most. We also believe that it’s who we are the defines us and informs what we do and how we do it. We can do our best in motherhood and life when we are living at our best.

Being a Super Mommy also means hard fought battles; some lost and some won. It means refusing to give up, learning how to let go and never settling for comfortable, safe or normal when it doesn’t align with who you are. Being a Super Mommy means you’re on a mission to live a fulfilling life and create a thriving family, no matter what.

The Super Mommy Movement is about empowering people. We do that through resources, practical strategies, tools, courses and more.

The community is the most important part because it helps provide support, encouragement, connection and a safe place to grow with moms who understand.

If this is what you’ve been searching for, then you’ve found the right place.

Welcome to the Super Mommy Movement!

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