Episode 004: Perfection vs. Excellence

How to stop pursuing perfection and start pursuing excellence instead

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Pursuing perfection in our lives as moms puts an outrageous amount of pressure on us to have it all together and get it all right every single time. It doesn’t allow for progress, growth or grace. It creates an unhealthy and unhappy cycle of comparison, guilt and shame. How do we stop pursuing perfection in motherhood? How do we set standards and expectations that motivate us instead of discourage us? How do we pursue and strive for excellence in a way that brings out the best in us?

On this episode, Christina shares how she uses her experiences as a high school athlete and the lessons learned to end the pursuit of perfection and instead focus on doing her personal best in motherhood.

So many of us moms feel the pressure of perfection and feel like we have to get this mom life thing right. The trouble is, we often feel like there is only one way to do motherhood "right" but that isn't the case at all! When we make the shift from pursuing perfection and start striving for excellence, we can start doing mom life the best way possible that works for us and our family, while making progress our measurement and our standard. Join me for today's episode as we look at the difference between perfection and excellence in motherhood!

Perfection is about looking outward. Excellence is about looking inward.
— Christina Amen

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