Christina Amen

Life + Family Coaching

I’ve been managing my role as wife and mom now for over 12 years. I’ve worked my way from a difficult start in life, to a fulfilling and thriving life filled with hope and possibility. Over the last decade I’ve devoted my energy and countless hours to personal development and spiritual growth in order to overcome the trauma of my past and the many obstacles that were holding her back from the life I desired. It hasn’t been easy or picture perfect but every bruise, bump and broken piece has been worth it because of the growth, peace and progress I’ve made. I’ve spent the last ten years reading books, listening to speakers, praying and studying, attending conferences and doing the hard inner work all with the goal of becoming a better woman, wife, mother and leader. In my monthly coaching series I’m going to be condensing my years of hard-won knowledge, real life experiences and insight to help you transform life as you know it, to life as it could be.

Once a month I’ll go live for two different coaching sessions one on Life and one on Family. For each One-hour session you will join like-minded members of our community for a live coaching session. Each month we'll dig deeper into things like: how to manage your time, how to adopt a growth mindset or how to parent with compassion. Learn practical solutions from a real person who's doing the real work and has achieved some extraordinary outcomes!

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You’ll Receive…

  • Access to a live 1 hour topic focused coaching session with Christina Amen twice a month

  • Resources, strategies, action guides and additional materials to help you transform an area of your mom life! ex. decluttering, meal planning, self-care, time management, parenting, goal setting, etc.

  • 2 private 30 minute coaching sessions with Christina Amen

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Email + Phone* Support for SOS MOMents

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