Day 1- Ready to Start Managing Your Mom Life?


Hey y’all! I’m so excited you are here and all in for this 7-Day Mom Life Reset Challenge! Over the next 7 days you’re going to begin taking control of your mom life like never before.

Today’s focus:  Managing Your Well-Being 

We’re going to hit the reset button on your thinking, feeling, believing and being that is affecting every other area of your mom life. Take a moment to watch today’s video message from me!

Did you know that according to a study conducted in 2017, 1 out of 4 women are dissatisfied with their overall well-being. 


I want to help you stay on top of your mom life so you feel good and function well—and, most importantly, find fulfillment in your mom life that you never thought was possible!  So are you ready to get started?

Today, all I want you to do is find a journal or a notebook that’s just for you and you only. If you’re all things tech, I’m sure you can use programs like Evernote or the notes app on your phone. I prefer pen and paper because there’s something therapeutic about transferring what’s in my head and heart onto paper. 

With your notebook, journal, app or blank sheet of paper, take 5-7 minutes and check in with yourself. When it comes to the well-being areas discussed in the video which one are you the most dissatisfied with? Write that down along with some choices you can make to reset and start managing your well-being better.

That’s it! After you’ve checked in with yourself, check today’s activity off your list. I know this sounds really basic, but this simple task will set you up for success and prepare you for the challenges coming up. See you tomorrow!


oh btw, send me your questions about managing your well-being so that I can support you. Send via email to or leave your questions and comments below. 

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