3 Essential Elements For An Effective Family Command Center

Does chaos and clutter run unchecked in your home? Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed, stretched to thin and a bit frazzled at all of the things that seem to be coming at you all at once?

Well, for far too long we have accepted that as simply par for the course when it comes to motherhood. But there is a better way. It’s possible to have a home of calm instead of chaos, and clear of clutter—physically, mentally, emotionally and anywhere else it creeps into our lives taking up space.

So what does this have to do with creating a family command center? I’m glad you asked! A family command center is an effective way to stay organized and keep track of the flow and function of your family. It can help you better communicate, track and delegate and plan so that family life runs a little smoother.

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The 5 Attributes of a Super Mommy

What does it mean to be a "Super Mommy" and how do we know if we are one? It may be hard to believe but a Super Mommy is not a fantasy mom who lives a perfect life. It's about a decision to excel in motherhood and life in spite of our imperfections. Every mom has the potential to live life as a Super Mommy without perfection or comparison! 

I'm sharing what it means to be a Super Mommy and the FIVE key attributes of a Super Mommy so you can transform your mom life of one of excellence, energy and ease. 

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Christina Amen